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How We Are Using Virtual Sets with AI for Music Video Production

Updated: May 17, 2023

an image made with ai of a cinematic bedroom with light streaks
AI Background For Music Video Production

In the fast-paced world of music video production, creativity knows no bounds. Artists and music video directors are constantly striving to push the boundaries of visual storytelling, often requiring diverse and captivating locations.

Enter the era of AI-powered virtual set creation, a game-changing innovation that revolutionizes music video production. In this post, we delve into the exciting possibilities offered by AI in the realm of virtual set creation and how it can enhance both creative freedom and cost-effectiveness of music video shoots.

The Challenge

Imagine a scenario where a music video project demands numerous scenes set in various locations, from a beach to a New York City skyscraper, a dramatic bedroom, an apartment kitchen, and even a starry night in a field. Bringing all these scenes together in a single day shoot seems nearly impossible without incurring substantial location fees and travel expenses. However, with new technology this is possible, offering a solution that can significantly streamline the process and make it more financially viable.

Virtual Set Creation with AI

To tackle the challenge posed by an extensive shot list and limited shooting time, the integration of AI image tools for virtual set creation becomes an intriguing option.

By partnering with Lume Studios, a projector studio located in Soho, New York, we embarked on an innovative approach to bring the artist's vision for their music video to life.

A projector studio in Soho NYC, Lume Studios
Projector Studio for Music Video Productions

Lume Studios boasts a cutting-edge setup comprising high-powered and bright projectors that cover the floor and three surrounding walls of the room.

AI-Generated Backgrounds

The key to this approach lies in generating AI-powered backgrounds for each scene. Rather than physically traveling to multiple locations, we utilized AI image tools to create realistic and dynamic backgrounds that were then projected onto the walls and floor of Lume Studios.

The images below are a few of the backgrounds we made with AI for the music video.

images made with artificial intelligence for a music video shoot
AI backgrounds for music videos

The Exciting Results:

The preview of the music video project above, which incorporated mostly AI-generated backgrounds really exceeded our expectations. The video showcased the limitless possibilities of AI-powered virtual set creation, capturing the imagination of viewers and leaving them with a memorable visual experience. Below are some stills from the music video Shoot.

Music Video Stills with AI generated backgrounds
Music Video Stills with AI generated backgrounds

The Future of Music Video Production:

The success of this project showcases the potential of AI in transforming music video production. As technology continues to advance, we can expect even greater accuracy and realism in virtual set creation. AI tools, coupled with projector studios like Lume Studios, offer a more accessible, efficient, and cost-effective approach to bringing diverse and captivating locations to life, expanding creative possibilities for artists and directors.

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