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We help musicians, artists, and individuals bring their projects to life. We’d love to help you too!

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What is film time?
Film time is how much time we have once when we arrive to the production. If you have multiple locations, travel time between locations is part of your film time. Hair & make-up, wardrobe chang- es, lighting set up is all part of your film time. Sometimes to maximize film time its best to do make-up and rehearsals before our arrival.

Can I change my production date?

Yes, if you’ve already made your down payment we can adjust the production date based on our availability for free with a week or more notice. Less than a week notice you will be charged $100 re-booking fee.

What happens if I go over time?
If you exceed the allotted film time the rate is $300/hr.

Can I hold a date?
Once you’ve made your down payment we can lock in your production date. Until then it’s all tentative and can be snatched up by anyone.

How big is a crew?

Crew size varies based on the complexity of the shoot. Simple performance videos need 2 people, larger shoots can be 3 or more.

How long does editing take?
On average 2 - 4 days!

How do I lip sync?
We provide a wireless Bluetooth speaker on set for lip sync needs. If you are a band with drums, con- sider bringing a PA, or large speaker.

What if the weather is bad?
If travel conditions are dangerous we can reschedule the shoot with no penalty. Some expenses such as location can be non-refundable.

What if I need multiple days?
Often times multiple shoot days are needed. Once we have an idea of total amount of filming hours needed we can build a quote.

Can I provide my own director?
Yes. However we cannot be held responsible for the organization and story quality at that point. The director is responsible for the creative output and organization of the shoot day.

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