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This is the game plan for this its good to have:

1. An idea
2. Finalized budget
3. Beat sheet
4. Shot List
5. Locations
6. Casting
7. Props
8. Crew
9. Shooting Date
10. Shooting Schedule


This is the shoot, for this we’ll need:

1. Wardrobes

2. Instruments

3. Make-up
4. Props

5. Anything else you need to be camera ready

If the pre-production was done right, this isn’t so bad. Come rehearsed and ready to have fun.


This is the editing, for this we’ll need:

1. WAV or MP3 of the song

2. Logo (if you have one)

We take care of the rest. We’ll share the edit in a private link for you to view and provide feedback.

We can also do an in-person edit session if needed.


Our packages are just the production and editing cost. Depending on the package and concept, there can be some additional expenses outside of that. 


The most successful shoots come from having a solid plan. Location scouting, casting, hiring hair & make-up artists, building beat sheets, shot lists, storyboards, etc. are crucial for a fun, stress-free shoot. Let us know If you want us to take charge of this part of the production.

Behind the Scenes

Looking for more content? Hire our team to capture behind-the-scenes footage of your music video. You’ll walk away with a dedicated behind-the-scenes edit for online use, as well as behind the scene photos. The cost for Behind the Scenes starts at $600.

If we are filming for a long period of time with talent, and a crew we will budget for craft services. 

Music videos are always cool when you incorporate actors, dancers, or other talent. Keep in mind a lot of these cost. If you are considering having AHP do the preproduction, communicate your budget so we can cast the best talent within your budget.

VFX/Motion Graphics:
Music videos can get creative when you use VFX or motion graphics. These will cost additional based on the amount of hours needed. We can outline these ad- ditional expenses in a proposal after consulting our expert team of VFX/Motion graphic artists on your needs.

We can provide services like hair & makeup, behind-the-scenes photo & video, choreography, etc. But these will be added based on the hours of production, and who’s available for the date you’ve selected. If you are considering hiring AHP for Pre-production we will outline these expenses in a proposal.

Some locations charge for film productions. This cost can vary based on the owner. Some require insurance. Some require permits.

Props / Set construction:
Some ideas need props or set construction to achieve a cer- tain look or help with the story. These extra items typically cost. Consider the time and money needed to get these ready for the day or the production. If you need help with these let us know.

We are a fully equipped production house. However, we cannot obtain all the gear out there. If you have specific needs there may be gear we do not own, some examples being: projector, DJ Lights, tilt-shift lens, sunlight ARRIs, RED Dragon, bullet time rig, 360 camera, etc. Not sure what you need or if we have it? We can help you figure it out.

We charge $1.00 per mile for travel. If you exceed the mile radius of specific packages, you’ll need to purchase the next package up. We are willing to travel long distances, we charge for airfare, lodging, and transportation. For any traveling shoots our proposal will outline those specific expenses.

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We require 50% of the production fees to reserve a date and start the pre-production process (if any). The 50% down payment is a non-refundable fee used to reserve our time and start production on your project. We require 100% of the expenses to be paid before the shoot date. Those may be invoiced with the production fee or separately. If there are any expenses during the production we will invoice them after the production.

Upon completion, we require the remaining 50% of the production fee and any other outstanding invoices before final delivery. All invoices are due 15 days after the delivery of the first draft. If not paid, a late fee of $50 will be added to the invoice. Each month late will incur another $50 late fee.

A single round of revision includes a one-hour in-person or zoom screen share edit session. If you send an email please provide precise feedback with time codes. After the included revision session is used, each revision after will be an additional  $100 per hour. 


A single round of revision includes a one-hour in-person or zoom screen share edit session. If you send an email please provide precise feedback with time codes. After the included revision session is used, each revision after will be an additional  $100 per hour. 


To begin the booking process we will send you an invoice to your email via Quickbooks. The invoice will allow partial payments, to make your down payment enter the amount in “payment amount” at the top of the invoice.

Our invoicing allows Bank Transfers and ACH. If you prefer to pay with a card please notify us. There will be a 3% transaction fee added to the invoice.

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What is film time?
Film time is how much time we have once when we arrive to the production. If you have multiple locations, travel time between locations is part of your film time. Hair & make-up, wardrobe chang- es, lighting set up is all part of your film time. Sometimes to maximize film time its best to do make-up and rehearsals before our arrival.

What happens if I go over time?
If you exceed the allotted film time the rate is $300/hr.

Do you film live shows?
Yes. Live shows start at $1000 depend- ing on the duration of the show. And camera coverage.

Do you do photography?
Yes. We offer photography sessions starting at $499. Typically deliver 50+ fully edited photos

Can I change my production date?
Yes, if you’ve already made your down payment we can adjust the production date based on our availability for free with a week or more notice. Less than a week notice you will be charged $100 re-booking fee.

Can I get the raw clips?
You can request the raw clips in substitution for us editing the video. If you want the raw footage in addition to the edit there will be an additional fee.

Can I hold a date?
Once you’ve made your down payment we can lock in your production date. Until then it’s all tentative and can be snatched up by anyone.

How big is a crew?
Crew size varies based on the complexity of the shoot. Simple performance videos need 1-2 people, larger shoots can be 3 or more.

How do I lip-sync?
We provide a wireless Bluetooth speaker on set for lip sync needs. If you are a band with drums, consider bringing a PA, or large speaker.

What if the weather is bad?
If travel conditions are dangerous we can reschedule the shoot with no penalty. Some expenses such as location can be non-refundable.

What if I need multiple days?
Often times multiple shoot days are needed. Once we have an idea of total amount of filming hours needed we can build a quote.

Do you record audio?
Yes. If your video requires dialogue we can record professional audio. It will be an additional fee.

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