What will working with

Austin Hein Productions do for you?

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Keep your studio booked so there is no end to your productivity.

We can film music videos during your studio's downtime. We will rent your studio when no one would be there otherwize. Your studio's social network accounts, email list, website, and physical location are great ways to promote your new service. 




Give your clients another reason to come back to your studio.

Your studio will now be able to offer our video production services to your clients at a discounted rate. Your clients will only get the discounted rate if the music video is shot in your studio. 

Increase your exposure and capture the attention of your new clients in an immersive way.

Grab your prospect's attention in a new, creative way.


A music video shot in your studio can be the most powerful marketing tool for you. With your discretion, each project you complete with us can be branded with your studio's information and broadcasted to our 41,000+ followers.


The caliber and talent of your clientele paired with the cinematic atmosphere we capture in the music videos will showcase your studio in an immersive way.


Let's do business. 


Increase Repeat Business 

By working with us you can offer a new service to existing clients and prospects 


Use Studio Downtime Productively 

To make these videos, we will pay you to use the studio during your downtime. 


Grow Brand Awareness

Along with our joint social media followings, the artists will promote your studio every time they share their new music video with their fans. This will increase both your brand awareness and search engine optimization because we list the studio's website in the video's description.