Expand Your Opportunities


Working with Austin Hein Productions will allow your recording studio to offer video production services to your clients, help you book your studio's downtime, and increase your studio's exposure. 


Our products have ended up on multiple TV networks in multiple countries-- national platforms include MTV and Vevo-- We like to include our partners' branding for their exposure. 

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Extend Your Services

Ask how your studio can communicate an extension of services by offering music video production through utilizing our website, portfolio, name, and branding.




Why Partner With Austin Hein Productions?

Maximize Studio Utilization

Put your studio's down time to use. Austin Hein Productions can help you maximize your studio utilization rate by booking your studio for music video and photo shoots. 



Increase Your Exposure

Studio music videos can be a powerful marketing tool for studios.The caliber and talent of your clientele paired with the cinematic atmosphere we capture in the music videos will showcase your studio in an immersive way that goes beyond words.

Our 2015 Anylitics (March - June)

Since we launched our Studio Partnership Program in early this year, we have seen great resutls for everyone that is involved.


The Artists have been able to use thier videos as successful marking tools to sell more digital dowloads and book more peformances. Our partnered studios have been booking more of thier downtime with AHP while each video serves as a unique and engaging way to bring new artists in to record.


Our top three most watched music videos in 2015 have all been a result of the Studio Partnership Program and have been watched by over 246,815 people.




Featured Work.






Increase Repeat Business 

By working with us you can offer a new service to existing clients and prospects. 


Use Studio Downtime Productively 

To make these videos, we will pay you to use the studio during your downtime. 


Grow Brand Awareness

Along with our joint social media followings, the artists will promote your studio every time they share their new music video with their fans. This will increase both your brand awareness and search engine optimization because we list the studio's website in the video's description.