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Ponder Rosa retreat has been meticulously designed with top end studio gear.  Whether you are looking for a digital or analog recording studio in the NYC or NJ area Ponder Rosa has what you need.  


Their 2,600 square foot music studio is equipped to accommodate every genre of sound mixing and mastering, from voice recording, to 10 piece bands, to the solo artist looking for a piano recording studio.


The studio is designed to create the ultimate audio recording with the SSL XL Desk Analogue Console, a full Pro Tools HDX system accompanied by top names in microphones and outboard gear, including Peluso, Neve, Presonus, Daking, Millenia, Emperical Labs, and more.  Plugins include Altiverb 7 . Waves Horizon . Sonnox DSP Bundle HDX . Brainworx V2 Hybrid . Sound Toys Native . Ozone 5 Advanced . SPL DrumXchanger . Melodyne Studio 3.


The live room and two large isolation booths are equipped with eight personal headphone mixers, allowing each musician to create perfect individual mixes for tracking, raising the production level of your sound recording.

Our huge Artist's Lounge boasts magnificent views of the countryside and is packed with top end digital entertainment systems.



Video and audio recorded at PonderRosa Studio

The live room is also great for studio music video production. If you have a song already recorded or want to film a video after the audio production is finished, PonderRosa offers video as a service to help market your music, sell digital downloads, and book more gigs.


We help musicians, artists, and individuals bring their projects to life. We’d love to help you too!



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