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Music Video Production

AHP Performing Arts Partnership Program

About AHP

After shooting almost 600 music videos for artists around the world, from famous musicians, to local talent, we are now on a mission to help academies & students take their success to the next level.

About The Program

Marketing Music in 2019

Along with the music video, students will also get  our guide to marking music in 2019. The guide covers the most important things to know when it comes to marketing their music online. We cover everything from distribution to marketing on Spotify, facebook, and instagram. 


Our AHP Performing Arts Program is very similar to senior portrait day in high school. Instead of just photos, we are offering performance based videos shot on our RED camera in 30 minutes time slots at a special student rate. Our goal is to leave students & academies with one, or several videos, for use online.


Along with the music video, each student will also get  up to 10 edited photos from the shoot to post to social media. 

What We Need From You

We have all the lights and camera's. All we would need from you is a practice room, dance hall, stage, or any open room we could set up out lights and camera to film.

A Content Strategy for Academies & Students

The Idea

The idea about having an AHP day for students came about when we were thinking of ways to make our services more affordable. One way to increase our efficiency and lower price is by shooting multiple videos in the same location. We have done these at many world class recording studios in NJ with artists. 

The Result

What we found with the videos we shot at the studios is they brought a lot of local awareness to the studio we were shooting in. Some of the videos we did reached hundreds of thousands of people depending on how much the artist promoted their video.

Trusted Attention

Regardless if the videos get massive attention or not, the biggest benefit to your business will be that your students will have a beautifully crafted video with your logo that they are proud of and will share with their family and friends. Sometimes word of mouth is the best form of marketing. In this case each student that gets a video will share it with their local unique group of friends bringing more trusted attention to your studio.

The Result

In addition to this, these videos can all be published on your academies Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube accounts.  

Let us work together to help you, and your students achieve more.

You feel a sense of pride about your students' accomplishments, and we understand wanting to help students display their best work.  Let AHP work with you to help promote your academy, and students' talents.  Video work can be an important part of online advertising and portfolios aiming towards achieving your students' hightest ambitions.