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Facebook, instagram, and youtube are our favorite platforms for online advertising. All you need is your music video, audio waveform video, or public post on your facebook page and we do the rest. Below are some strategies we offer to help you reach your marketing goals.

Music Marketing Packages 

Marketing Campaign Strategies


High Traffic

Average Cost Per View is $0.002 - $0.01

Our High Traffic Facebook Campaign is ideal for generating the the most viewership and likes to you content. The strategy is targeting low competition niches not many advertisers are bidding on. 
- Highest view count
- Highest like count
- Largest reach
- Targeting is based on less competitive niches 
- Builds a world wide audience but not local
We would recommend starting with this and then moving to the medium and then low traffic campaigns. 

Medium Traffic Niche Campaign

Average cost per view is $0.02 - $0.04

Our Medium Traffic Niche Campaign is ideal for generating traffic that is most related to your genre of music. The strategy is bidding on medium competition niches ideal for converting  traffic into fans.
- Medium view count, but ideal for converting the traffic into fans
- Medium engagement 
- Highly targeted reach
- Targeting is based on more competitive traffic so the overall cost per view is higher
- Builds a local or nationwide audience, but not worldwide

Low Traffic Lead Generation Campaign

Average cost per lead is  $6.00 - $30.00

A Low Traffic Lead Generation Campaign is ideal for reaching a very specific demographic. 
The strategy here is to bid on high competition niches to reach a certain person that then takes an action by sending in there phone number and email to talk further. 
- Ideal for converting traffic into opportunities like paid gigs and shows
- Highest flexibility when it comes to reaching a niche
- Targeting is based on competitive and expensive traffic
This is a great last step to a marketing a song after social proof has been aggregated (likes, comments, and views) from the high traffic and medium traffic campaigns. 

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