Marketing Coordinator Overview


The Marketing Coordinator is in charge of Austin Hein Productions advertising and recruiting needs. He/she works to promote the Austin Hein Productions brand and build strong client interest. Must produce and manage advertising and recruiting campaigns for Austin Hein Productions. We reserve the right to terminate your position if problems arise and persist. We also reserve the right to dock pay as necessary if deadlines and expectations are not met. 


Skills and Qualifications:

- Extremely outgoing personality

- Willingness to approach others

- Basic knowledge of Photoshop and Illustrator

- Must have passion, awareness, and talent for current advertising trends

- Extremely self-driven and innovative

- Strong communication and presentation skills

- Competent communicator and practical decision maker




1. Participate in weekly Austin Hein Production meetings.


2. Attend recruitment events.


3. Conduct oneself professionally. This includes appropriate dress, respectful behavior, punctuality and an active effort to create and maintain a positive work atmosphere.


4. Create, manage, and organize promotional campaigns for Austin Hein Productions needs. This includes but is not limited to: increasing client base, mataining customer relations.


5. Take initiative in creating multi-platform campaigns.


6. Identify opportunities for improvement and growth in terms of advertising.